Strong Sports Co. was extablished since 1962 in Hong Kong and is welknown for the long history with oustanding experiences in the industry and the loyal and hearty services. 

For many years having been experiencing the ever improving of the various sport equipments, and the expanding of the community sports activities, our company enhances itself to keep up with the update situation, and offer customers the goods of best value 
of money. 

前 言 

本公司於 1962 年在本港創立, 歷史悠久, 產品經驗豐富, 忠誠服務, 信譽昭著, 素為社會各界所稔之. 

本公司多年來體驗各有關體育器材之不斷改良, 及社會上各類體育活動之日漸普及, 本公司於此亦同步發展有關項目, 提供给顧客物有所值的貨品. 

School P.E. equipment : our company is a listed supplier for the supply of Physical Education Equipment to all the schools in Hong Kong for many decades. So please fax us your tender forms. (FAX NO.2897-5553) 

學校體育用品 : 本公司是教署表列之學校體育器材供應商, 本公司巳數十載供應體育器材給本港各學校, 請傳真來貴校之投標購買文件 (FAX NO. 2897-5553) 

本公司是政府表列 (on list) 之體育用品及器材供應商, 一直供給各體育館及各纪律部隊巳超過四十年.

CHANSON : Germany & USA top boards table tennis tables

CHANSON : Body-built equipment

LOBSTER : Tennis balls machine, USA originated

EAGNAS : Racket stringing machine

COURT 1 : Tennis nets, posts & wincreens
網球網, 網球柱及網球場透風圍網

SHINE : Dry Court machine

HUCK : Dividing netting

CCH China Chun He(FIG) gymnastic equipment
中國春合 (FIG) 体操器材 

ERHARD : Sports equipment

STRONG - Basket backboards & goal ring,
SPORT : FIBA standard
籃球板, 籃球圈 FIBA 標準